President's Note - August 2017

Why volunteer?

Ask seven different Chapter volunteers and you will probably get seven different answers.

I won’t try to speak for others but I can tell you why I volunteer.

For me, volunteering is part of how I want to live my life. I believe that I have a responsibility to give a segment of my time, talent, and treasure in the pursuit of leaving this world a little better than how I found it. Serving on our Chapter Board has allowed me to volunteer my time and my talent. Two birds, one stone…I love it when that happens.

As a Chapter volunteer I have made many friends, discovered new business opportunities, and stayed current on trends in our talent development community. I have had the opportunity to dust off some old skills, learn some new ones, and think about leadership a little differently. Volunteering for our Chapter has not only allowed me to be a part of our professional community, it has allowed me the opportunity to work with others to shape it.

Now you know why I volunteer. How about you?

Not a volunteer but considering it? Contact me or Meica Hatters. We’d love to learn what interests you and tell you more about the opportunities we have to get involved.

Thanks for reading!


Dana Peters
2017 President

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