Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics & Guidelines for Behavior 

The SEWI-ATD Code of Ethics provides guidance to members and chapter leaders to be self-managed learning & development professionals. Members should expect the highest possible standards of personal integrity, professional competence, sound judgment, and discretion.

Developed by the profession, for the profession, the ATD Code of Ethics is the association's public declaration of its members’ obligations to themselves, their profession, and society.

Rules of Behavior

Members of the association shall...

  • Refrain from using SEWI-ATD’s name or membership information to sell, promote, or in any way encourage participants to purchase or use our products or services, unless approved by the SEWI-ATD Board.

  • Refrain from taking part in any activity in which personal interests may conflict with the best interests of the chapter and its members.

  • Use the chapter’s networking activities and professional development programs as a means of meeting other talent development professionals who share common interests, not to market products or services.

  • Refrain from any overt statement or pointed humor which disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group when representing or presenting from any association platform.

  • Make clear, when representing the association’s name or using it at presentations or meetings, that the ideas discussed or presented are personal and do not represent those of the association.
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