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President's Note - Get Involved in 2021

Dear Members:

2020 was a challenging year for our profession. The pandemic forced us to cram a decade’s worth of reskilling into a few short weeks. Many of us found our own skills had not kept pace—I personally wasn’t as fluent with digital facilitation as I should have been—and sadly some of us lost our jobs as our companies looked for ways to cut costs, not seeing how our work contributes to the bottom line.

Through these challenges, our members have learned from each other and supported each other. As I step into the SEWI-ATD Presidency, I am humbled by how generous our community is with their talents and knowledge. Together, we are discovering how to succeed in a world that will not wait for us to upskill ourselves.

In 2021, I urge you to find new ways to get involved with our amazing community of learners. Build relationships with your professional peers so you can innovate collaboratively. Share your successes and challenges so that others can benefit from your experience. Seek out volunteer opportunities to develop new skills before they are needed.

I love working in this profession because I believe that the quality of the people we develop today determines the quality of the world we will live in tomorrow. By practicing our craft together, we can do our part in building the talent to make a better future. I am eager to continue this journey with you, and I hope you will join me in share your talents with our community.

Colin J. Hahn, Chapter President

Ready to get involved? Email Colin at president@sewi-atd.org to talk about your career goals, the skills you want to develop, or the way that you'd like to contribute.

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