Training Delivery PDN

General Information

Facilitators, stand-up trainers, and remote instructors are all invited to participate in our Training Delivery PDN. This group will share best practices and tips on all aspects of delivering training experiences. Whether you are a new facilitator learning how to structure your classroom, or an experienced trainer looking to engage your participants at a deeper level, this group is for you!

Your Facilitators

 Jennifer Bucholtz
 Excel and Flourish

 Susan Keith, CPLP
 VP of Community Relations

 Andy Marris, CPLP
 Learning & Development Manager
 MRAThe Management Association

Join Us for the Next PDN!

Join us Friday, December 13th at MRA (see map) for a live, interactive event that will showcase and discuss energizers that inspire, empower, and engage! Bring your experiences and insights on how to shift the energy to produce successful training sessions. Doors will open at 8:00 am for registration, check-in, and networking. The main program will begin at 8:30 am and go through 10:00 am. Register today.

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