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Need expertise and help completing those extra projects, programs, and initiatives? The Southeastern Wisconsin ATD Chapter has a variety of talent development professionals as members, including consultants. The Consultant Directory is your guide to locating leadership development coaches, performance consultants, instructional designers, training facilitators, elearning developers, and other talent development professionals in southeastern Wisconsin to meet your business needs!

The following list is composed of our members who have small Talent Development businesses (5 or less employees) and have chosen to be a part of this directory. Some of these consultants also collaborate with one another on larger projects, and some may provide certain pro bono services for non-profits.  Inclusion in the directory implies no endorsement from or vetting by SEWI-ATD. If you're a chapter member and would like to be listed, visit our registration page.

Mary Balistreri

More Business Today, LLC

Telephone: (414) 759 3364

Description: Mary Balistreri is the Mindful Business Coach. Through MBT More Business Today, Mary supports clients to reach their potential as individuals, teams, and organizations. She brings mindfulness to coaching, training, and facilitation services focusing on Conversational Intelligence (CIQ), emotional intelligence, and belonging to improve relationship building, business development skills, and leadership. 

Hours for pro bono consulting annually: 20


Telephone: (414) 514-9558

Description: Nikki Palmer-Quade is a certified leadership coach with over 25 years of business experience. As a former business owner & executive of a 1,000+ employee firm, she experienced the complexities of leadership firsthand. After starting her career in HR, she led teams in Operations, Sales, Finance, and Administration. For the past 12 years, she has been focused on talent development in both higher ed and corporate settings. Her passion for learning is combined with a drive for business results.

Clients have engaged Nikki for projects such as:

  • Management Training Design & Delivery
  • Team Workshop Facilitation
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching (ACC Certification)
  • Talent Development Model Architecture
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Strategic Workforce Plan Development

Hours for pro bono consulting annually: 8


Leading UP, llc
Telephone: (414) 439-3587


What I know for sure is that we never stop growing or developing. Organizations that truly embrace this have the best cultures and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In my career as a HR Director, I had the opportunity to live in seven cities, two countries and work with eight companies. No matter where I was, culture was the key factor of determining success or mediocrity. Some leaders embraced it. Some leaders tolerated it. Some fought it. And, the organization thrived or suffered for it. The more I embraced this idea of culture, the more I realized the impact I had on it and how I could broaden and deepen my influence. This awareness lured me to invest in myself through educational and experiential opportunities. I now work with organizations-leaders and teams-to explore and refine their culture-in definition and in practice-to build teams that play to win, not just not lose. To say working with culture and emotional intelligence is a game changer is to state the obvious.

Culture lives with the leaders of the organization. My work with leaders has them lean in to bringing their best self and overcoming obstacles in their way.  We explore both the skills and the approach to leadership. My clients look in the mirror and appreciate their strengths look for opportunities to explore how they might approach new, different or challenging circumstances.

-Certified Leadership and Team Development Coach

-Certified in Emotional Intelligence-EQi 2.0, Leader and 360 Assessments

-Professional Certified Coach though the International Coach Federation

-Executive Coach

Hours for pro bono consulting annually: 10

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