Project Management – Setting Boundaries

August 15, 2016 12:58 PM | Laura Chartier (Administrator)

“Will you just include this process in your e-learning module?"

“Oh, and one more thing, please add this section to the training you are working on.”

“We don’t have anyone to bring the SMEs up to speed. Can you put a workshop together…?"

Sound familiar? This is the subtle ways learning and development projects get off track. What is scope creep? What is good customer service? When you say “That’s not in the contract,” are your clients willing to talk about it? How do you discuss what add-on requests will do to the project timeline and resources?

Whether you are a Talent Development professional working as within an organization or as an external consultant, you will face this dilemma. Projects often do not have enough contingency built in, and those who are looking inside the world of adult learning from the outside rarely appreciate the effort and time it takes to build effective learning programs. Once you start a project, more needs and possibilities to come the surface.

This is the topic of our next Consultants’ Professional Development network get together on August 25, 2016 at 5:30 PM at Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub in the Bayshore Mall. 

Wendy Terwelp and Marilyn Zwissler will bring Scope of Work and Project Extension agreement examples. Please bring your contract examples and a tip or two to share on talking with clients about scope creep and what it will do to your project.

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