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May 14, 2018 9:48 AM | Lovina Akowuah (Administrator)

Written by SEWI-ATD Guest Blogger, Rhonda Sharpe, Instructional Designer at Educators Credit Union.

                         They say…

It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

They are wrong – It is what you say AND how you say it.

You may have a very important message; however, if the delivery fails, nothing has been gained.

As trainers, our job is not to put the audience to sleep (usually) but to engage and excite them into action. Active listening is a key communication skill – but what happens on the other end? Don’t you find yourself having difficulty actively listening to someone speaking in monotone?

We spend a considerable amount of time selecting the best font styles, the best activities, engaging scenarios when developing our training courses. But how much time or effort do we invest attending to our own vocal skills?

 For many, the answer is not a lot. Speaking comes naturally and most of us in the training field have a lot to say. Have you ever wondered what your audience hears (and perceives) when you present?

Your voice is an important tool and it deserves to be trained properly. What is it worth to you to have your message and your vocal abilities in sync? Join ATD on Friday, May 18th and invest in your voice!

About the Author

Rhonda Sharpe is currently an Instructional Designer with Educators Credit Union. She has a variety of experiences as a  student, project manager, e-merchandising specialist and educator. This has allowed her to develop and maintain collaborative partnerships with diverse audiences in business, non-profit and higher education settings. She applies adult learning theories and project management concepts to ensure timely and accurate completion of  all her projects/presentations/training programs. She is committed to all learners at every level.

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