SEWI-ATD 2021 Financials – Here we come!

December 14, 2020 9:40 PM | Anonymous

By Genevieve Daniels, VP Finance

The SEWI-ATD Board recently approved our 2021 budget. Most learning functions think about budgets solely in terms of expenses, but SEWI-ATD also has to generate revenue to sustain our operations. So, our budgeting process is an exercise in strategic planning and forecasting as much as resource allocation.

Our chapter has a tradition of budgeting and spending carefully. I am proud that as a Board we were able to adjust our 2020 operating plan due to the health pandemic. While many non-profits suffered substantial losses this year, SEWI-ATD managed our expenses carefully in order to have a financially stable year. Those efforts put us in a great position for 2021, as we look at how to continue serving our members.

Because we anticipate that the pandemic will continue to impact the economy, we planned a conservative income estimate of approximately $42,000, which is very small for a non-profit of our size. You’ll see in the graphs below that our 2021 budget relies on three primary sources of revenue: membership dues, sponsorship, and programming income. Having three major revenue streams gives us flexibility in an uncertain business environment. 

We matched our conversative approach to income with our expenses, focusing on where we need to put resources in order to provide great value to our members and the regional talent development community. In 2021, you can expect to see SEWI-ATD expand our programming, improve our communication, and strengthen partnerships with other organizations in our community. Our 2021 budget also keeps us on target to reach our goal of 100% operating reserves by 2025., ensuring that the organization is fiscally sustainable for the long term.

The new ATD Capability Model includes business acumen skills because talent professionals are increasingly expected to understand their business in order to deliver impactful performance. This year, the SEWI-ATD board saw firsthand the value of strong financial acumen. A great way for our members to develop their personal business acumen is by volunteering with the Finance Committee. The committee meets once a quarter to review financials, advise on our financial operations, and develop participants for future roles in the chapter. The time commitment for this role is 90 minutes each quarter. If you are interested in learning more, please contact

Gen Daniels, VP of Finance.

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