Geezer. Punk. Whatever.

  • May 19, 2017
  • 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Goodwill Center for Work and Training, 5400 S. 60th St., Greendale, WI


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Geezer. Punk. Whatever.

Presented by Alex Draginis, Trainer at Accent Learning and Consulting

It seems unreal that a workforce recently dominated by Baby Boomers has shifted to a workforce where half our employees are under 34 years of age.  With a sweeping power, the Millennial generation is entering our workforce with creativity, energy, and verve.  And just as World War II and Baby Boomers shaped today's organizational cultures, Millennials are already shaping our external customers through the products and services they offer.  

Program Description:

Learn the latest information about how to use generational differences as a way to unite your team, and appreciate how each generation brings a unique approach to reaching goals in the workplace.  

About Our Presenter:

Alex Draginis joined Accent Learning and Consulting in 2015, bringing a fresh, Millennial perspective on the workforce. Her experience working across generations and with diverse teams helps groups appreciate seen and unseen strengths while working toward common goals.  Her transition to Accent allows her to use her experience working across generations in a public service role and combines it with her passion for education. Alex has a degree in Educational Policy from UW-Milwaukee.

Accent Learning & Consulting

Prompted by questions like, "Do you offer this session to outside companies?" and "My husband/wife/friend's company could really use this information," Sarah Gibson opened Accent Learning and Consulting in 2004. Initially the focus was on written communication and generational communication.  However, satisfied customers wanted more of the hands-on, adult-centered learning in a great variety of topics that what was provided. Sarah began talking with colleagues she trusted and decided to start Accent Learning. 

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