Learning Styles PDN - June 2018 Recap

  • August 20, 2018 2:51 PM
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    Facilitated by: Melissa Braun and Amy Krenzke

    Topic: Learning Styles: Are They a Myth?

    Thank you to everyone who attended: Rhonda, Laura, Amy, Betsy, Janet, Cherie, Kim and Vince! I really enjoyed the discussion. For those of you that could not make it or if you wanted a quick summary. Check out the post below!

    We discussed the existence of learning styles. Here are some main points from the PDN:

    · Studies show teaching in various styles results in the same retention.

    · Retention is the way we organize information in a way that is meaningful to us.

    · Adult learners make connections to experiences, examples, etc.

    · Best way to learn/teach depends on the content itself.

    · Most of what we learn is stored in terms of meaning. It is not tied to a sensory mode.

    · Labels are dangerous! (Gives some people the mindset they cannot learn)

    · Organize content in a way that is meaningful to the learner.

    · Learning should take you out of your comfort zone.

    · The quality of training matters.

    · Filter need to know vs. nice to know.

    · “Ah ha” moment – this discussion made me aware that others are not always aware training is not always the answer!

    · Dr. Marshik argues two reasons why we need to stop believing in learning styles:

    1. Wasting valuable time and educational resources. (other priorities: i.e. accommodating backgrounds, abilities, disabilities, motivations, etc.)

    2. Labels can be misleading and dangerous (prevent us from trying other strategies)

    Overcoming Barriers when SME demands a specific learning solution:

    · Create a proposal based on what you heard them say with appropriate learning solution.

    · Alert them when it is not in the best interest or fiscally responsible to create a learning solution that will not reach their goal and offer an alternative solution.

    · Recognize that people do not like to be told they are wrong.

    · Consider an executive summary why training is not the solution and propose what the solution should be.

    · Get manager buy-in on a solution....compromise!

    Additional People, Topics and Resources discussed:

    · Cathy Moore

    · Simon Sinek

    · James Randi

    · ARC Framework

    · Skill vs. Performance Gap

    · Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

    · https://www.td.org/newsletters/atd-links/5-types-of-smes

    · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZoJKF_VuA&feature=youtu.be

    · https://charlesduhigg.com/books/the-power-of-habit/

    Did I miss something? Have an additional thought or comment? Post below! We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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