Instructional Design Gamification & ID Across Generations PDN - June 2019 Recap

  • June 26, 2019 1:26 PM
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    Facilitated by: Amy Krenzke Gibson and Melissa Braun

    Special Guest: Marilyn J Zwissler

    Recap: Thank you everyone who attended usually we are braving bad weather and today those that joined chose networking over beautiful weather. Thankfully the sun is still out to enjoy the rest of the evening by 7PM!

    For those of you that could not make it or if you wanted a quick summary. Check out the post below!

    Since we had a larger group, we paired up for our welcome activity. We asked to share the most innovative way you’ve engaged your audience. We then asked for two groups to share. One used a werewolf in need of a distemper shot and another used a real live horse in a barn!

    Overall we talked about using humor and maybe something out of the box and unexpected to spark high energy.

    We then went on to talk about ID across generations. And the pending shift in the workforce. By 2025, more than 70% of the workforce will be Millennials. This forces us to shift how information is shared and thus how we design! We talked about common characteristics of this generation and drove home during Marilyn’s showcase that at the end of the day you have to know your audience.

    You can’t bucket everyone into their generation classification. You’ll have Boomers that are super tech savvy and Millennials that would rather pick up a book. There is no right or wrong way and selecting the best method to meet you objectives is the ultimate goal.

    The question we discussed was how your design has changed based on the shift in the workforce? Here are some words and common themes:

    Rapid, short, personalized, individualized, at their own pace/interests, savvy with technology, blended, video, social, and lastly gamification.

    This transitioned great to the showcase.

    Marilyn will be sharing her presentation. So look for that for a recap on her showcase. I did like the Karl Kapp quote she shared, “Gamification is the use of game elements to propel a learner through a course.”


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