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General Information
The purpose of our PDN is to bring together managers and supervisors within our industry to discuss topics of interest, current industry trends, collaborate on best practices, and connect with other colleagues in similar roles. Our goal is to help members of this network improve professionally and bring greater value to the organizations they serve. Each meeting focuses on a different topic. If you have topic ideas or other suggestions for this PDN, contact Megan Cardenas.

Our PDNs are FREE for all attendees.  
Advanced registration is required.

Your Facilitator
Megan Cardenas

Vice President, Training Manager
U.S. Bancorp Fund Services
and SEWI-ATD Member

Additional Information
Meetings of the Leaders of Learning PDN are held on a bi-monthly basis on the second Friday of every other month or as announced (upcoming events will be listed here, on the events calendar, and on the home page). We meet in the Greater Milwaukee area, and provide an opportunity for managers, supervisors, and learning leaders to explore some of the benefits of SEWI-ATD membership without the cost.

Event Location
Fiserv Corporate Headquarters
255 Fiserv Drive, Brookfield


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Upcoming Meetings

  • We are currently on summer break until after Labor Day.

Our Next Meeting: Sept. 8, 9:00am

The Modern Learner
Hosted by Laura Brodzik & Kim Williams, Fiserv 

Our discussion will focus on the following questions:   

  • How are you addressing the evolution of learning?
  • How do you support the evolution?
  • What actions have you taken to address the evolution?

To prepare for the discussion, please review this quote:

"There is an important relationship between the psychology of learning, as we understand it today, and the growing consensus among philosophers and epistemologists that new knowledge creation is a constructive process involving both our knowledge and our emotions or the drive to create new meanings and new ways to represent these meanings. Learners struggling to create good concept maps are themselves engaged in a creative process, and this can be challenging, especially to learners who have spent most of their life learning by rote. Rote learning contributes very little at best to our knowledge structures, and therefore cannot underlie creative thinking or novel problem solving" (Novak & Canas, 2008).  

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Last Meeting Recap:

The Modern Learner    

Discussion reflected on the webinar:

and concentrated on the following questions:

  • Who is the modern learner?
  • How do you engage the modern learner?
  • How do you support the modern learner?
  • What technology/device limitations do you have?  How do you overcome them? 

PDN Forum

Our forum (below) provides informal opportunities to extend rich conversations between and beyond our meetings. Use it to contribute information, ask questions, offer advice, brainstorm ideas, and share successes with your colleagues!

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