"ATD and SEWI are really one organization. I belong to both because of they provide both breadth and depth of the entire professional package. Together they keep me in the loop of the latest learning research, best practices locally and worldwide, and in-the field practical advice from front-line talent development professionals. There is no other place where I can get an Agile Toolkit for L&D, attend an on-line discussion on engaging e-learning, join an on-line book club, chat with people like Elliot Massie and Trish Uhl, and make friends from Milwaukee to China. Locally, SEWI has the best network of people who are working in L&D and are enthusiastic about sharing what they do. Friendships here grow personal opportunities. It is give and take, as it should be. We share and support one another as we experience the fluctuations of our profession. We celebrate the successes with each other, and we have shoulders to cry one when things don't work out. For me a Power Membership is the whole package. I wouldn't leave home without it!" 

-Marilyn Zwissler

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