Talk Like a Boss

March 23, 2016 10:18 AM | Andy Marris, CPTD

How often have you heard or maybe said yourself that talent development deserves a seat at the senior team table? CLO Magazine is named after the concept of a Chief Learning Officer, yet they are often few and far between. As learning professionals, we need to not only know our business, but the business that we serve. In essence, get out of training and into the business you're training for, making them better at what they are in business to do. This article from Sara Fister Gale brings this concept home.


  • May 04, 2016 4:33 PM | Anonymous member
    Many in our industry complain about not having a "seat at the table." I believe that seat is earned. If we want to be valued as a relevant contributor, we have to position what we do in terms of how it supports the desired business results. Thanks for sharing the article.
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