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April 07, 2016 1:20 PM | Andy Marris, CPTD

If you are a Talent Development professional with five years or more in the industry, you have a wealth of experience. Are you recognized for what you know and do to improve workplace performance and drive productivity?

The CPLP® (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance®) credential tells the world you are the best in the field. You know how to analyze an organization’s needs and design learning programs that have a positive impact on the bottom line. You not only know it; you have demonstrated it in your organization.

The CPLP® credential gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, increases your earning potential, and differentiates you from your peers. Global organizations across a wide spectrum of industries seek CPLP® professionals. This includes Hilton Hotels, Allstate, Coca-Cola, Ralph Lauren, Walmart, and Whole Foods to name a few.

Are you interested in learning more? Would you like to join a study group to prepare for the exam or Skills Assessment? SEWI-ATD offers free informational webinars and hosts study groups. Our chapter CPLP® professionals are here to support you on your journey.

To earn the CPLP® credential, you must have five years of talent development experience. Next, you take an exam that covers talent development’s 10 Areas of Expertise. After passing the exam, you complete a Skills Assessment Exam, where you apply what you know to business cases in your specific area of expertise (e.g., Instructional Design, Change Management, Learning Technologies, etc.).

**This blog post was authored by Marilyn Zwissler, 2016 Past-President of SEWI-ATD, and a credentialized CPLP.


  • May 03, 2016 9:10 PM | Andy Marris, CPTD
    Marilyn and Erin did a great job in the CPLP introduction webinar. I'm glad Marilyn posted this blog to help me really understand the benefits of what I'm getting myself into. Thank you!
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