Why Use an Instructional Design Model?

August 09, 2017 1:15 PM | Anonymous

An instructional design model is used to define the activities that will guide the development of eLearning projects. It allows you to communicate the purpose and reason behind a strategy. A framework gives you the birds-eye view of all the major components that have to be included in the course. Click here to read Karla Gutierrez's overview of four instructional design models. Add a comment to the blog post to share your experiences with these models and help out your fellow ATD members!


  • October 03, 2017 2:32 PM | Laura Chartier
    Thanks for this post Brian! While I'm familiar with ADDIE and Bloom's Taxonomy, I learned new information about Merrill's Principles and Gagne's 9 Events. I'm not sure I agree with the article's author though, in labeling all of these as "Instructional Design Models." ADDIE is one process model used in designing instruction, while the others that are presented here seem more like aspects to be considered/used within the instruction that is being designed. Still, I found this helpful!
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