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March 28, 2019 3:20 PM | Lovina Akowuah

Written by SEWI-ATD Guest Blogger, Marilyn Zwissler, President of Zwissler Associates and 2016 SEWI-ATD Past President.

There is so much more to creating and managing a training program around games than you see on the surface. Sure, pull up that game you like to play and, where are you? If you play anything from Checkers to Ready Player One, you are in another space. And what are you engaged in? Story and challenge.

So how do you take that experience and turn your compliance safety training into something your employees will engage in, challenge them to learn, and achieve the goal your organization wants? What I learned from Sententia Gamification’s series is how to think of the learning outcomes in terms of a story that intrigues learners, teases them into a training, engages them to stay and see what happens. When was the last time you took a corporate training that challenged you? Something that made you stop clicking through PowerPoints to just take the test at the end? And made you come out of it with a new understanding or skill? That’s what gamification does.

Monica Cornetti and Jonathan Peters take you on a journey where you apply the very principles of game psychology to your own projects. They take the lid off the surface and show you the inner workings of learning. We all learn from experience, and gamified programs provide deep learning that stays with us.

Attending the Gamification Certificate program last year started me on a new instructional design path. I came away with a plan that I continued to develop in my own practice. But more than that, I am conscientiously aware of why I am choosing one game mechanic over another and who my players are. Don’t miss this opportunity to up your game and make your training programs the talk of your organization.

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About the Author

Marilyn Zwissler is the President of Zwissler Associates and 2016 SEWI-ATD Past President. She has a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Organizational Development from Alverno College and is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) . Today, she is an Adjunct Professor of New Media at Alverno College and a speaker for Balance Life Issues


  • March 29, 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member
    Spot on, Marilyn! I learned so much from this gamification course last year. Don't miss this opportunity Monica and Jonathan are wonderful teachers. Even if you think you'll never use gamification, the principles will still strengthen your instructional design skills.
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