Instructional Design Case Studies & Application in Learning Design PDN - October 2019 Recap

  • November 01, 2019 9:40 AM
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    Facilitated by: Amy Krenzke Gibson and Melissa Braun

    Recap: Thank you everyone who attended in a new location hosted at Guardian Credit Union in Oak Creek.

    For those of you that could not make it or if you wanted a quick summary. Check out the post below!

    We begin with a welcome discussion in small groups sharing why we came to the event. We then dove into a brief explanation on the difference between case study v. story v. scenario.

    Check out a summary here:

    We spent most of the time in small groups looking at a case study example from SHRM and sharing our experience using case studies, stories and scenarios in learning.

    For me, as an instructional designer, I typically use case studies to inform strategy decisions and make my recommendation to stakeholders stronger with facts and data. On the flip side, I see scenarios as more operational. I will infuse them often in my live learning and elearning design such as a triad role play for leadership training, simulated scenario to promote critical thinking, etc.

    A few other examples we spoke about was to use case studies or white papers to support a sales conversation. And we spoke about creating scenarios with branching that allows the learner to ask for more information if they feel they need it to make the decision. Sometimes they do and sometimes they have enough information to make a determination.

    We finally had a discussion on some things to watch out for. For example, making sure the case study you design has enough information to walk through the thought process you want them to. Make sure you’ve given them enough information so they do not get hung up in a specific spot you don’t want them to spend time on or make too many assumptions. Piloting can help verify the connection is being made and learning is achieved the way you designed it.

    Here are some resources for more information from this event:

    iD Mentors:

    SHRM Case Studies (HR related topics - great to use as a template/format or use as is):

    Student Workbook Page:

    Vanderbilt University - Center for Teaching: Case Studies:

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